Companies situated in countries abroad are becoming interesting opportunities of investment, thanks to the international trade flows heading towards growing markets in expansion.
Fs Gobal Investments owns an important client portfolio as fas as this kind of business is concerned. We provide a personal service and we build a complete project, along with the investor, that fully meets the requirements.
In this way, we act as the representatives of our client in every business process, scheduling every single meeting, planning the financial structure of the operation and studying any available help to carry out these types of projects abroad.

Fs Global Agro Export division has more than 10 years of experience offering to their clients high quality Agro Export programs from Latin America, mainly from Peru, aimed at the main markets located in Europe, the US and Southeast Asia.

The seriousness of our suppliers, as well as the quality of our products, endorse our consolidated agro-export programs at an international level.

Products such as avocado, mango, grapes or blueberry, constitute the main references within our Agro Export programs.

FS Global Pharma division provides regulatory advice to companies within the medical and pharmaceutical sector interested in commercialize and distribute their products into the  LATAM markets.

Fs Global Pharma division develops and manages the regulatory strategy in order to guarantee the correct commercial plan and ensure a successful product launch regarding to  your products into the Latin American markets.